How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radio Headset?

How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radio Headset?

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How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radio Headset?

The headset is one of the important audio accessories for two-way radios, it is widely used in various application scenarios and industries, choosing the right headset for your use case and operational environments can make a huge difference, especially in demanding and mission-critical industries, such as public safety, security, military, and manufacturing.

How to choose the right two-way radio headset?

Here is a list of the important factors you need to consider carefully when selecting the right headset.

1. Application

What type of headset you will need for two-way radio largely depends on your usage scenarios, different industries, and operating environments, their demands of audio quality, reliability, and design will be different, for example, tactical headsets, motorcycling headsets, heavy-duty headsets, and so on.

2. Compatibility

When selecting the correct headset for two-way radio in aftermarket, whether the connector of the headset is compatible with the interface of the radio dictates if the headset can work with your radio, there are so many types of connectors, you must verify before purchasing, you can reference our Radio Connector Chart.

3. Headset Styles

Choosing a suitable headset style for your working conditions is not only comfortable but also can improve working efficiency. We supply over-the-head, behind-the-head, headband, dual earmuff, and single earmuff styles, and they are cost-effective.

4. Wire Type

1-wire, 2-wire, and 3-wire are three types of design for speaker, microphone, and push-to-talk, for instance, if you have to release your hands during work, the 2-wire type with finger PTT will give you more flexibility, it is up to the situation.

5. IP Rating

IP degree represents the protection of your headset from water and dust, for users who work outdoors or in harsh environments may need higher IP rating headsets.

6. Noise Reduction Technology

Noise-canceling earmuff, electronic noise reduction headset, and bone conduction headset are three types of common headsets to suppress ambient noise in two-way communications. The noise level of ambient noise in the workplace will decide the NRR (noise reduction rating) of the headset you need, furthermore, the users have to stay situational awareness to avoid potential dangers, which all will affect the headset you choose. 

7. Miscellaneous Features

  • Volume control
  • VOX Function Optional
  • Coiled Cable Design
  • Quick-Disconnect Design
  • PTT Style
  • Adjustable Gooseneck Boom Microphone

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