A Full Set of Accessories for Ailunce HD1 Amateur Radio

A Full Set of Accessories for Ailunce HD1 Amateur Radio

 Ailunce HD1 accessories,  two-way radio accessories
A Full Set of Accessories for Ailunce HD1 Amateur Radio

Our Ailunce HD1 amateur two-way radio is loved by the majority of hams, and it is sold all over the world, allowing the radio to adapt to versatile applications, we supply a full set of original accessories for this model, you don't need to spend time to search them online one by one, just find them in this blog.

Accessories for Ailunce HD1 two-way radio

HD1 G-shape earpiece: cost-effective and super performance, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Surveillance kit: the EA110M surveillance earpiece for HD1 is IP66 waterproof grade, high audio quality, and reliable for discreet communication.

Remote speaker microphone: we developed two kinds of speaker mic for HD1, the H103ML is IP55 waterproof grade, the H103M model is higher IP67, it is up to your use cases, both are superb quality and well-made.

Audio adapter: the HD1 radio audio jack is multi-pin and with a screw, to avoid the damage caused by frequently attach and detach accessories, and convenient for users who want to use throat microphone or different style headsets without detaching the adapter, so we developed the SA29 radio adapter, definitely a cost-effective accessory.

Antenna: HD1 original long antenna provides more options for hams' application, furthermore, it is affordable.

Battery: as one of the most important accessories, we supply the original replacement battery for the HD1 radio for users who use the radio frequently.

Battery eliminator for HD1: making sure your radio power is enough in the driving application, car charger battery eliminator is necessary.

HD1 belt clip: although the original belt clip is robust, if you need it, we will supply it.

HD1 leather holster: this holster is with strap, not only protecting the radio from wear and tear but also easy to carry the radio.

HD1 car charger cable: if you want to charge the radio with the base dock in the car, it will help you, multiple charger selections.

HD1 original single charger: the transmitter and base dock of this single charger can be sold separately also, it depends on your requirement.

6-bank charger station: the battery cups of the RTC29 6-bank charger station for HD1 are removable and replaceable, except for the original cups, they can be replaced by RTC5R cups for Retevis RT5R/RT5RV.

HD1 programming cable: obviously, it is a must-have accessory for amateurs.

Ham Radio Morse Code Key Chain: as ham, it is cool to customize your unique morse code keychain.

Retevis Accessories is committed to improving the communication efficiency of customers with their budget in mind, high-quality, cost-effective, and top-notch service are our identities. Our service includes drop shipping, wholesales, and customization solutions for two-way radio accessories, welcome your inquiry!

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