Choosing Two-Way Radio Accessories to Enhance Campus Security

Choosing Two-Way Radio Accessories to Enhance Campus Security

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Choosing Two-Way Radio Accessories to Enhance Campus Security

The back to school season comes, campus safety is always the most important thing for the administrators, due to the pandemic COVID-19, it is necessary to take action to enhance the safety of students, for example, a proper amount of security guards should be arranged to enforce strict entrance checks, patrol the campus, and enhance security around campus. Despite two-way radio usually is one of the standard equipment of the security team on account of its constant communication advantage, choosing two-way radio accessories to enhance campus security will make a big difference! 

Retevis Accessories supplies versatile two-way radio accessories suitable for different applications, this blog will recommend high-quality and cost-effective to enhance campus security.

Audio accessories to enhance communication of campus security professionals

The D-shape earpieces are with large size speaker external to the ear canal and are not easy to fall off, so they are not only hygienic but also secure for security professionals communication, the EEK015 D-shape earpiece is with coiled cable segment adaptable the tall or short wearers of the security team, which gives more flexibility. The EEK012 D-shape earpiece has an adjustable ear hook to fit different ear sizes of the campus security team members, which gives more comfort for long-term wearing.

To adapt to different situations on campus, the HK008 remote speaker microphone has an adjustable volume control, no matter the environment is noisy or quiet, the campus security professionals can hear each other clearly and guarantee smooth communications.

Multi-unit two-way radio battery charger station for the campus security team

To guarantee communication continuity of the campus security professionals, it is important to keep the two-way radios are powerful enough, usually, there are many two-way radios equipped with the team, how to charge them quickly? Our six-bank charger stations help you, some are with interchangeable battery cups, they not only can charge multiple radios or batteries quickly but also save outlets.

Two-way radio chest pack for campus security professionals

The Retevis HB02 chest pack is with fluorescent bars, it is ideal for the campus security team to patrol at the night. It not only has pockets for two-way radio but also has pockets for other valuable goods, which is convenient for security professionals to storage all the items with them.

Retevis Accessories is committed to improving the communication efficiency of customers with their budget in mind, high-quality, cost-effective, and top-notch service are our identities. Our service includes drop shipping, wholesales, and customization solutions for two-way radio accessories, welcome your inquiry!

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