6 Points to Consider When Buying Two-Way Radio Speaker Mic

6 Points to Consider When Buying Two-Way Radio Speaker Mic

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6 Points to Consider When Buying Two-Way Radio Speaker Mic

As one of the most popular audio accessories for two-way radios, the remote speaker microphone is widely used in a broad range of industries, but in different application scenarios and operational environments, the features of the speaker microphone you need may be different, so choosing a suitable one will make all the difference. What are the points you need to consider when buying a two-way radio speaker microphone?

6 points to consider when buying a two-way radio speaker mic

1. Ingress protection (IP) rating withstand water and dust intrusion

If your industrial workplace or use case is outdoor or in demanding environments, for example, public safety, security personnel, law enforcement, fire department, boating, and more, according to working situations, you may need different IP rating remote speaker mic to resist moisture, water and dust, please reference IP rating blog.

2. Intrinsically safe (IS)

Simply put, the intrinsically safe device is incapable of triggering combustion or igniting any gasses or fuels, for two-way radio users whose operational environment is in hazardous areas, such as mines, gas stations, plants, military, and many other situations that have the potential for gases, powders, and flammable liquids to be ignited, an intrinsically safe speaker mic is an important standard.

3. Ambient noise level of your working environments

High ambient noise will affect communication efficiency,  according to noise level, you may need to choose a louder speaker microphone with a volume control button or noise-canceling feature.

4. Wired or wireless

Wired speaker microphone is rather common, but for some users who don't want to carry the two-way radio with them or want to get rid of cable tangled mess, such as photographers, drivers, doorkeepers, and on so, a Bluetooth wireless speaker microphone will be quite convenient.

5. Listen-only audio jack

In many situations, private or discreet communication is necessary for users, so the speaker mic with an optional audio jack for the listen-only earpiece will help them, there are two common audio jack types: 3.5mm and 2.5mm.

6. Connector type for your two-way radio interface

Please verify the audio jack standard of your two-way radio firstly, then choosing the right speaker that is compatible with your radio, don't make a mistake.

Except for the above 6 points to consider when buying two-way radio speaker mic, if you want to consult more details or bulk customization, please don't hesitate to contact us, we have professional technicians to assist you.

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