The Importance of Headset for Referees in Sports Event

The Importance of Headset for Referees in Sports Event

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The Importance of Headset for Referees in Sports Event

The instant communication of referees are very important on the field, that is why the two-way radios are widely used in a variety of sports event, but as we know the venues usually are very noisy, and the referee must be concentrate on the field, therefore, choosing the right two-way radio headset for referee will make a huge difference.

The importance of headset for referees in the sports event

1. Referees are far away from each other in the field, except for simple communication by hand gestures, flags, eye expressions, or special movements, wearing the headset for two-way radio allows them to communicate discretely without removing the radio from the belt clip.

2. The field of play is ever-changing, the referee's field of vision and angle is constantly changing, it is difficult for him to look at the front, back, left, and right, with a headset the referees can be concentrate on the field.

3. When there is a foul that the referee did not see, the assistant referee needs to be asked, with headsets they can discreetly communicate in time meanwhile observing the change in the field, avoiding missing the best time and embarrassment.

4. Efficient communication with headsets reduces the pressure of referees, which is a more reasonable division of labor and makes referees spend more energy on implementing the rules.

5. With headsets the referees can communicate promptly with off-site supervisors, the game is fairer, the penalty is more accurate, and the game is more exciting.

Recommended two-way radio headset for referees in the sports event

1. Bluetooth wireless headset

If the referee doesn't like the wired headset, EEK013 Bluetooth wireless headset will add more flexibility and movement. 

2. Bone conduction

In large-scale sports events, the referees have to consider the high ambient noise, bone conduction earpiece, headset, throat microphone will be an ideal solution.

3. Comfort behind-the-head headset

The EHK002 headset is lightweight, and the behind-the-head design provides more comfort for long-term wearing.

If you are a referee, welcome your advice, we will pay close attention to it, Retevis Accessories is committed to improving the communication efficiency of customers with their budget in mind.

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