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Lightweight Single Speaker Sitting on Ears

Comfortable for Extended Periods of Outdoor & Tactical Use

Adjustable Behind-the-Head Design Suitable for Helmets & Hard Hats

Heavy Duty IP54 Dual Inline Push-to-Talk(PTT) Buttons

Attached with 360° Swivel Clothing Clip

Fully Adjustable Gooseneck Boom Mic with Replaceable Sponge

Kenwood 2-Pin Connector Plug

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Behind-the-Head Design

Single Speaker Ultra Lightweight to Wear

Flexible Boom Microphone

Earphone Comfortably Sitting by Frame

2-Wire with Finger PTT

Kenwood 2-Pin Connecter Plug

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Light-Weight Headset

Single Earmuff

Adjustable Boom Microphone

1-Wire In-Line PTT

Kenwood 2-Pin Connector Plug

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