Noise Reduction Two-Way Radio Accessories Help Live Theaters

Noise Reduction Two-Way Radio Accessories Help Live Theaters

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Noise Reduction Two-Way Radio Accessories Help Live Theaters

The two-way radio and accessories are widely used by the behind the scenes crew of the live theaters to maintain instant and discreet communications during the run of the show, but when there is loud music and singing, the crew members on the radios may have a hard time hearing from the other two-way radios, to solve this situation and making sure the communication between different backstage positions is smooth, clear and reliable, we will introduce some noise reduction two-way radio accessories help live theaters.

Noise reduction two-way radio accessories for all the ambient noise of a live theater

1. Throat microphone

The contact microphone of the throat microphone absorbs vibrations directly from the wearer's larynx through single or dual transducers worn against the neck to transmit speech instead of by air, so the backstage crew members don't need to adjust their volume to deal with complex stage situations, their transmitting voice still can be heard clearly.

2. Bone conduction earpiece

The ear bone conduction earpiece combines a bone conduction microphone and in-ear speaker into a single earpiece, which adopts a vibrating microphone with a high-sensitivity vibration transducer to pick up the human tissue vibration caused by the vibration of the vocal cords when a person speaks, and convert the vibration into electrical signal processing, so the bone conduction microphone is insensitive to sound waves propagating in the air and has superior noise resistance.

3. Noise reduction surveillance earpiece

The microphone of the Retevis EEK014 covert acoustic tube earpiece has a built-in active noise reduction DSP chipset, which can effectively filter the ambient noise and make the other end hear the transmitting sound clearly and loudly.

4. Noise reduction headset

The Retevis noise reduction earmuff EHK005, EH070K, and EH050K can significantly isolate your ear from high-level ambient noise, and silence your wold, they have an adjustable gooseneck boom microphone that can be put close to your mouth and make transmitting voice clear.

Except for the above four noise reduction two-way radio accessories for live theaters, if your live theater has other special demands for two-way radio accessories, please don't hesitate to consult us, we also supply customization services.

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