Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio Earpiece for Sailing

Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio Earpiece for Sailing

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Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio Earpiece for Sailing

Two-way radios are popularly used in different types of sailing activities, such as canoe sailing, cruising, dinghy sailing, single-handed sailing, yachting, and sailing sports(dinghy racing, match racing, fleet racing, team racing, speed sailing), which are all outdoor activities, sometimes it is windy and noisy, and most of the time the users can't release their hands during activities, for example, when anchoring, it is a quite delicate manoeuvre where they need both hands, therefore, choosing the right two-way radio earpiece for sailing is very important to guarantee the smooth and clear communications.

RetevisAccessories is committed to improving the communication efficiency of the two-way users, this blog will introduce some affordable and reliable two-way radio earpieces suitable for sailing applications here!

What are types of earpieces suitable for sailing?

1. Earpiece with VOX function

By reason of the foregoing, releasing hands is important in sailing two-way communications, although the users can use the VOX function of two-way radios directly, considering the wind noise during sailing, equipping an earpiece with VOX function switch can make all the difference, the team members not only are able to speak to each other without shouting through two-way radio earpiece but also hands-free, in addition, it is convenient to switch on/off VOX function immediately by earpiece instead of programming radio on PC.

Our new model EEK016 G-shape earpiece not only has the upgraded version VOX function but also durable components for demanding environments, the coiled top cable design provides more flexibility and movement, furthermore, the low impedance speaker allows the users to receive sound clearer and louder, so this earpiece is perfect for sailing.

2. Bluetooth wireless headset

There are so many two-way radios are with Bluetooth function, if you want to get rid of the cable tangled mess and release hands during sailing, the Bluetooth headset is another perfect choice, in addition, you don't need to take the two-way radio with you, just place it within the working distance of Bluetooth, which gives you maximum flexibility for any sailing sports. If your two-way radio is without Bluetooth function, we supply Bluetooth headset specially for two-way radios, our EEK013 model Bluetooth headset has the popular Kenwood 2 pin Bluetooth Dongle adapter, which is compatible with most of two-way radios in the market, please check more details in our this blog "New Arrival EEK013 Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece".

When choosing the right two-way radio earpiece for sailing, please make sure that the  above earpieces are compatible with your two-way radio, if not, please don't hesitate to consult us, we also supply customization for bulk order.

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