The Importance of Hearing Protection Headsets on Construction Sites

The Importance of Hearing Protection Headsets on Construction Sites

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The Importance of Hearing Protection Headsets on Construction Sites

The research shows that any sound at or above 85dB may damage our hearing, long-term exposure to loud noise can produce a partial or complete loss of hearing, and this exposure limit is also recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). It is known that the construction site is a typical workplace with intensive hazardous noise, but most of the construction workers didn't pay much attention to this high risk, and few wearing hearing protection headsets, it is urgent to draw attention to the importance of hearing protection headsets on construction sites!

Noise sources on construction sites

At the construction site, different construction machinery and construction methods are used along with the progress of the project and the replacement of the construction process. For example, in foundation engineering, there are earth blasting, trench excavation, leveling and cleaning of the site, ramming, piling, etc. In the main project, there are vertical steel skeletons or reinforced concrete skeletons, hoisting components, mixing and pouring concrete, etc. There are frequent transportation activities of materials and components from beginning to end, in addition, there are various beats, impact, the collapse of old buildings, shouts of people, etc.

Please reference more noise levels at the construction site in bellow picture:

construction site noise infographic

How to choose hearing protection headsets on construction sites

1. Hearing protection application only

  • Earmuffs

Our EHN004 and EHN002 hearing protection earmuffs are suitable for work in construction, which are cost-effective and have good performance.

  • Disposable earplug

This type of hearing protection earplug has a high noise reduction rate (NRR) for high noise construction trades, and it is affordable and disposable, which is hygienic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Both hearing protection and two-way communication applications

The two-way radio is widely used in construction sites, considering the high ambient noise, choosing a noise reduction headset not only can protect hearing from hazardous noise but also can improve communication efficiency in harsh conditions. Our EH050K and EH070K noise reduction headset for two-way radios got creditable good reviews from customers, their quality, comfort, and NRR are recognized by customers.

If you work on construction sites, hope this blog can help you to recognize the importance of hearing protection headsets, RetevisAccessories supplies cost-effective noise reduction headsets for different applications and scenarios to protect you from hazardous noise, welcome your inquiry!

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