UHF/VHF AY04 High Gain Yagi Directional Antenna Detachable

UHF/VHF AY04 High Gain Yagi Directional Antenna Detachable

Dual Band UHF/VHF

High Gain Detachable

SL16K Connector

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Ailunce AY04 High Gain Yagi 144&430 MHz Dual Band Directional Antenna


  • Brand: Ailunce
  • Model: AY04
  • Frequency: UHF&VHF
  • Length: 92.5cm/36.4inch


  1. VHF(3Elements), UHF(5 Elements)
  2. High Gain
  3. Strong directionality
  4. Strong anti-jamming
  5. Realize long-distance communication
  6. Simple construction and easy assembly and disassembly
  7. Lightweight and sturdy, easy to set up
  8. High-cost performance
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range 136-174Mhz&400-470MHz
Impedance 50Ω
VSWR <1.5
Gain 9.5 dBi / 11.5 dBi
Horizontal Beam Width 53°/ 45°
Vertical Beam Width 48°/ 40°
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Front To Back Ratio >12 dB
Maximum Power Input-watts 100W
Lighting Protection Direct Ground
Connector SL16.K


Mechanical Specifications
Size 925×1045×60 mm
Mounting hardware Ø30-Ø60 mm
Rated Wind Velocity 60 m/s
Weight 0.85Kg

Package Includes:

  • Ailunce AY04 High Gain Antenna