Single Earmuff Noise Reduction Headset Waterproof PTT

Single Earmuff Noise Reduction Headset Waterproof PTT

Over-the-Head Style Headset

Lightweight & Comfortable Single Earmuff with Volume Control Knob

Simultaneous Noise Insulation(NRR 30dB) & Listening

Adjustable Tough Metal Headband with Snug Padded Cushion

Heavy-Duty Inline Waterproof IPX4 Push-to-Talk(PTT) Button

Attached with 360° Rotatable Clothing Clip

Adjustable Gooseneck Boom Microphone

Detachable Coiled Cable with Replaceable Kenwood 2Pin Connector

Price: $ 69.99

New EHK005 Kenwood 2 Pin Noise Cancelling Walkie Talkie Single Headset with Microphone


  1. 100% Brand new.
  2. High Elastic Metal Bracket, Good Quality, Good Strength;
  3. Super soft comfortable head cushion and ear cover, wear comfortable;
  4. Loudspeaker adjustable volume;
  5. Listen to outside sounds while communicating;
  6. With noise reduction function
  7. It is suitable for noisy environments where there is a need for noise reduction and lives sound is required, such as racing cars, film, and TV directors, drivers driving large machinery,etc.
  8. Plug type: Kenwood 2 pin
  9. Color: Black
  10. Weight: 433g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x EHK005 Kenwood 2 Pin Noise Cancelling Walkie Talkie Single Headset with Microphone

Applicable Models:

Almost all Chinese brands of two-way radios

Retevis RT21,RT22,RT24,RT27,RT28,H777,RT1,RT3,RT3S,RT5,RT5R,RT5RV,RT7,RT8,RT80,RT81,RT84,RT15,RT50,RT53,RT617,RT618,RT619,RT622,RT46
Kenwood KPG KPG27D, KPG29D,KPG48D, KPG49, KPG55D, KPG56D, KPG62D, KPG66D, KPG69D, KPG70D,KPG74D, KPG75D, KPG77D, KPG82D, KPG87D
Kenwood TH TH-D7, TH-D7A, TH-D7AG, TH-D7E, TH-F6, TH-F6A, TH-F7, TH-F7E, TH-G71, TH-G71A, TH-G71E, TH-K2, TH-K2A, TH-K2E, TH-K2ET, TH-21, TH-21AT, TH-21BT, TH-22, TH-22A, TH-22AT, TH-22E, TH-25, TH-26, TH-27, TH-28, TH31AT, TH31BT, TH41AT, TH41BT, TH-42, TH-42A, TH-42AT, TH-42E, TH-45, TH-46, TH-47, TH-48, TH-55, TH-75, TH-77, TH-G71, TH-205, TH-215, TH-225, TH-235, TH-235A, TH-235E, TH-315, TH-415,
Kenwood TK TK-208/308,TK-220/320,TK-240/340,TK-240D/340D,TK-248/348,TK-250/350/353,TK-260/360,TK-260G/360G,TK-270/370,TK-270G/370G,TK-272G/372G/373G,TK-278G/378G/388GPro-Talk,TK-430/431, TK-2100/3100Pro-Talk,TK-2102/3102Pro-Power, TK-2107/3107Pro-Talk,TK2207,TK3207,TK-2160/3160,
BAOFENG Almost All: UV5R, UV5RA, UV5RB, UV5RC, UV5RD, UV5RE, UV5REPlus, uv5R+, UV5RO, A52, UV8, UV8D, UVB5, UVB6 BF-480/490/320/V6/V7/V8/658/520/530/999/888/777/666S/777S/888S/388A/F8+/A5/
HYT TC286 386 2685 3865 6685, TC 278 378 388, TC 2100 2088
TYT/Retevis etc
Almost All with a two-pin plug, former pin diameter of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm in diameter after pin, double pin from 8 mm within, 11 mm center distance of 2 pins.

Notice: If your radio model is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service for help, we will recommend the correct one, thank you!!!