MA06 Marine Boat FRP Antenna 156-163MHz SL16J

MA06 Marine Boat FRP Antenna 156-163MHz SL16J

Marine Frequency 156-163MHz

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Encapsulated

Water-Resistant Corrosion-Resistant

SL16J/M Connector

180° Degree Adjustable

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RETEVIS MA06 Marine Boat FRP fiberglass Antenna 156-163MHz 1.1m SL16J Connector

Product description

The special antenna for ship platform is encapsulated in glass fiber reinforced plastic, waterproof and corrosion-resistant; contains a pure copper vibrator, has a long communication distance, is equipped with an adjustable fixed base, and can adjust the antenna angle by 180°; includes all maritime frequency bands and can be installed on the ship or outdoors.


  1. FRP encapsulation, omnidirectional waterproof and corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, no cracking, waterproof, wind-resistant, strong sealing, suitable for harsh marine environments.
  2. Using a pure copper vibrator, the receiving sensitivity is high, the impedance is accurately matched, and the communication distance is longer.
  3. The built-in fixture is easy to install, and the antenna direction can be adjusted by 180°
  4. Support maximum power: 100W gain: 3.5dbi.


  1. Brand: RETEVIS
  2. Model: MA06
  3. Frequency: 156-163 MHz
  4. Gain : 3.5dBi
  5. Max power: 100W
  6. VSWR: Less1.5
  7. Imdepdance : 50Ω
  8. Coax Supplied: RG-58C/U(white),7m
  9. Connector: SL16-J
  10. Length: 1.1M
  11. Radome Material: Fiberglass
  12. Applicable models: Retevis RA27
  13. Net Weight: 685g

Package Details:

  • MA06 Marine fiberglass antenna (156-163MHz 1.1m SL16J interface)
  • Fixed bracket